Photos I’m happy to have taken and shamelessly edited to hell on Instagram.

This cat who lives next to my parents, and is frequently s victim of my crazy catladyness. PH AEK
My fat cat loving my friend’s tiny cat.
This ceiling that is the boss of all ceilings.
This Madrid tailor wall.
The one time I went to the mountain.
This smokey Christmas night. PH mamma
This flowery dining table.
This alternative mirror.
This house that I want to live in.
This balcony view. PH Ignacio
This moment of joy. PH stranger
This tree that is my absolute favorite tree. PH mamma
This iguana soulmate of mine, sleeping like a boss on the Galapagos
This suddently very aestethical courgette.
This pic of my very early 90s family. PH early photobooth
My husband and I being libre in Madrid. PH Kamilla
This pool, from my favorite place on earth, hotel Landa in Burgos, Spain
These stairs that make me want to write a story.
Andy, the big nosed, yet so charming bengal cat
This badass tree treeing all over the fence
This butt that is my absolute favourite butt
My cat trying oh so hard to be human. Almost got me there
This happy moment!
This artsy cat blending in with its artwork
Just. No capture needed.
This super gloomy beach that only is beautiful because it’s English
This night on a Cuban bar in Madrid. PH mamma