For geeky, classical musicians; check out the two first recordings. For normal people; check out the four last ones.


Epistler for sinfonietta – Sinfonietta written for students at the Norwegian Academy of music. Live performance from the 1st of March 2013, in Lindemansalen, at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Canvas – III – Frame – 3rd movement from the piece Canvas, written for mixed ensemble; Clarinet/Bass-Clarinet, Horn, Percussion and Contrabass. Version programmed in Vienna.


Palm is performed by my usual one-woman-band, and mixed and produced by Magnus Nordbye. My friend Gilda Axelroud added my backing vocals, and yours truly on lead vocals, guitar and cellos. The song was written as a soundtrack to one of my stories.

Another song by my band of cloned versions of myself, this time on all vocals, piano and cellos (and a mediocre mixing/production). This is also a soundtrack song, but to another story.

My aunt died during an operation in 2008. She was currently redecorating her house, and thus left a note of instructions to her worker – Leonardo. I got a copy of the note and made it into a song. Piano and vocals by me, produced and mixed by Erlend Moen.

Soundtrack to the same story as Memorize this, and the first song I ever wrote in Norwegian. Produced and mixed by Ulf Holand. This production was a part of a course, and thus required me to do nothing but singing, so for the first time I fearfully asked people to play with me. Here we have Ragnhild Stav on piano, Øystein Figenschou on double bass and Daniel Fors on glockenspiel.

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