Januarying the Fuck Out of January

Just a short feel-good post in this month of utter misery, that the general population like to refer to as ~January~. Having absolutely no interest in skiing, hiking or going to the mountain (in fact there is quite a long list of despicable things I would rather do), these small pleasures are what get me through the days, while cursing the snow and the irony of fate for having me live in a freezer, being married to a foreigner that likes my country more than I do.

Brace yourself; here comes a list of insignificant, but humorous mood fixers.

My neighbor cat Noah, who sits in his window every single day, silently judging everyone who passes by.


Buying my man a new wallet. (Thank you, Mr. Tarantino.)

Looking all civilized, while subtly considering to stab everyone with a fork.

This friendly bear, that is possibly my favorite picture on the whole internet.

The fact that my great grandfather was possibly Edvard Munch’s twin, separated at birth.

The fact that my husband looks more like the coach of Paris Saint-Germain than like his own brother.

Putting a bow tie on my cat and watching how she gives absolutely zero fucks.

Getting Facebook reminders of stuff I wrote ten years ago, and having absolutely no idea what I meant.

This snap which is my favorite snap.

Getting messages from the neighbor, who approves of us having both guitars and cats. No shame what so ever in being stalky.

Thank you and goodbye.

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